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Art for the Authentic Life

In my blog, I share my thoughts on life and lessons that I have learned as I have worked to live authentically. Soon, I will also be posting videos and more…

My shop has artistic apparel and accessories featuring my artwork. The proceeds of all sales enable me to continue writing, making new visual pieces, and producing videos.



One’s path in life is said to be like that of the Lotus. The seed and germination phases are childhood, as the lotus takes in its initial nutrients and begins to form so we too base our entire life's growth upon the foundation we receive in childhood.  Finally, a beautiful and pure flower emerges from the mud and filth in which it has grown, representing a person following the path of spirituality and leaving attachment behind. Yet every night it returns to the mud just as we go through spiritual awakening followed by sleep. After a cycle of blossoming and returning to the mud in which the bloom is never anything but clean and gorgeous, it finally returns to the mud one last time and releases its remaining energy into that from which it came.

How To Live An Authentic Life


Remember Who You Are

You are made of the same eternal energy that has given brith to stars and has destroyed galaxies when their time is come, and as such you are a vital and integral part of the universe, indelibly connected to the whole- and in the interconnected nature of reality, the role that you get to play is as meaningful and important as any other that has existed or will exist in all of eternity. When you know who you are, you will know your value and you will know that it comes from who you are and not what you have. And when you get that your worth is inherently in you being exactly who you are, you will know that is true of all of us.  And just like that, remembering who you are becomes remembering who we all are together. Remembering this truth that you've always known will strengthen you and allow you to move out of your mind and into the present.


Experience Experiences

In our childhood, we teach ourselves how to understand everything around us and even more importantly, we teach ourselves how to feel safe and how to protect ourselves from that which we do not yet understand. All of the wonderful skills and explanations learned in childhood have done an amazing job of helping you to understand why the world works as it does and of protecting you from the experiences that you were not yet ready for, and you can now start to learn new perspectives.  In every experience that you will ever experience, no matter how spectacular or mundane, there is an opportunity (if you are open to seeing it) to discover something new and to grow ever closer to living life exactly as you want and were called to.


Be An Open Space for change

When you are open to all possibilities and in acceptance of life and everything within, you are on the path of truth- this is the only road that you were called to walk from before the start of time, any other path is counterfeit.  The deep of the universe is calling to the deep in each of us- calling us each back to the true oneness of reality and reminding us of the interdependent, cooperative nature of everything that is.  When we are open, we are able to see possibilities and perspectives that forward us towards wholeness and deeper connection. Openness and acceptance are the only keys to experiencing love, gaining wisdom, and truly knowing wholeness.  Any value that we see or show, and all love, wisdom, or wholeness that we experience can only be experienced to the degree that we are open and accepting.

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