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I struggled and suffered through years of mental confusion, emotional instability, psychological uncertainty, and spiritual desperation. I thought I was totally broken; a failed human. I was steeped in shame and frozen in fear, so I hid my struggles and pretended to be ok.
I didn’t know that I’m not broken at all, I didn’t know that I am more than enough. I didn’t know that I am perfect in who I am regardless of the imperfection of my expression of myself. I didn’t know that my personality is ordered and my brain is balanced. And I’m sharing all this because maybe you don’t know any of that about yourself either. But believe or not, that’s all true of you too.
You are whole, you are precious, you are worthy, you are enough. Your personality is in perfect order and your brain is perfectly balanced. You are a perfect expression of love.

We each have incredible gifts to give each other, and those gifts are what make us unique. We live in a dominant culture that places a strong emphasis on conformity, and so our distinctions become a problem and we believe that we must fix it to be ok. There is nothing to fix and nowhere to go. The answer is simple yet feels impossible:

Be you fully, hold nothing back, follow your heart, accept all, release whatever you’re clinging to, and be love.

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